Honda HRJ196 Mower

$1,255.00 $1,199.00 incl GST

Ideal for medium to large sized lawns or the serious contractor. The HRJ196 is loaded with features like snorkel air filter, powerful Honda OHV engine and Honda’s ENGINE BRAKE TECHNOLOGY.

Suitable cutting width - Get the job done quicker with the large 19" cutting width

Large catcher - Huge capacity 50L catcher

Snorkel air filter - Better engine protection especially in harsh and dusty environments

Reliable engine - Renown Honda GXV160 OHV engine with cast-iron bore to withstand constant and heavy use

ENGINE BRAKE TECHNOLOGY - Ensures safety while mowing – will stop the engine and blade rotation in 3 seconds from releasing the handle

Aluminium chassis - Eliminates the possibility of rust damage

Design features - Catcher uses dust direction technology which assists in keeping particles away from user’s face

Zone start - Easier on your back saving the operator from bending over while starting the machine

Easy start - Honda’s one-pull easy start system

Double sealed bearing wheels - Smooth and a dream to manoeuvre

Adjustable cutting height - 11 Height adjustment positions to suit any lawn

  • Engine 4.3HP
  • Cutting Width 19" (48cm)
  • Power Rating 9.6Nm
  • Power Output 3.2kW
  • Weight 41.00kg

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