Briggs & Stratton HP-15 Pump

$749.00 incl GST

High pressure commercial grade pump suitable for fire-fighting and irrigation sprinklers.

Engine - Powered by a reliable Briggs & Stratton 6.5 Gross HP I/C commercial grade Engine

Portable - Mounted on frame for engine protection with vibration dampening rubber footings

High performance - High pressure performance with 60m total head

Large fuel tank - Large fuel tank capacity if required for long periods of use

Easy to start - Honda’s one-pull easy start system

Industrial grade - High water transfer rate designed for use in harsh environments

Durable - Flame resistant metal fuel tank

Flow rate - 360 L/min with 1" outlet, 460 L/min with 1.5" outlet

- Single Impellor system

- Comes with bonus coupling system & strainer

  • Engine 208cc
  • Weight 27.00kg
  • Max Pumping 460 L/min

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