Hansa C21-PTO Chipper

$9,950.00 incl GST

The C21 is a full commercial grade chipper which can be tractor mounted and run by PTO linkage. Suggested HP is 25 – 60HP. A very handy attachment for use around a large lifestyle block, orchard or farm. With wood chip, you won’t need to purchase bark, sawdust or wood shavings and the chip produced makes a great mulch.

Ease of use - One in-feed chute with large opening at a convenient operating height

NZ made - Manufactured right here in NZ designed for our conditions and are made rugged and durable to withstand the hardest of tasks.

Rotating outlet chute - The outlet chute can be rotated for the best angle to direct the mulch. A positive locking system means this can be done without the use of tools, a deflector is included also for further control over the debris.

Self-feeding action - The design of the rotor disc can draw full branches into the machine with no pre-cutting necessary

PTO drive - Can be connected to a tractor by the three-point linkage. Designed to be run for a PTO speed of 540RPM, drive shaft is fitted with a shear pin device to protect both the machine and tractor.

Powerful chipping ejection - The inertia created by the large rotor blade provides enough draught to discharge the mulch up to 10m away. It can be directed closer by adjusting the deflector

Triple belt drive - A three belt drive system provides smooth running and protects the machine against shock load. Is fitted with belt tensioner.

Finish - Quality hyperloc powder coated finish

Maintenance friendly - Easy and quick access to cutting blade by swinging the outlet chute open

  • Approx. Capacity 100-130mm diameter

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