Husqvarna R 316T Rider

$9,898.00 incl GST

A powerful and versatile Rider suitable for landowners with larger properties. These Riders provide efficiency, manoeuvrability and a great finish to your lawn though its articulated steering and front mounted cutting deck. *Note price listed includes 103cm Combi deck

Engine - Powered by a Kawasaki FS691V V-Twin commercial grade engine

Engine features - Equipped with cast iron cylinder sleeves to withstand wear, pressurised lubrication system, heavy duty air filter and OHV for optimum engine performance and fuel economy

Pedal operated automatic Transmission - Speed and direction are managed by pedals, which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel, for optimum driving control

Articulated steering - Allows the rear wheels to swing underneath machine providing a tight turning circle and superior manoeuvrability

Pivoting rear axle - Providing superior balance and allows machine to get maximum traction in most situations

Easy-access controls - Controls are in easy reach of the operator for optimum convenience

Quick coupling - A unique quick coupling system allows attachments to be changed quickly without the use of tools

Front-mounted cutting deck - Cutting deck mounted out in front of operator allowing for mowing right into corners and under bushes and other obstacles

Maintenance friendly - Cutting deck tilts up 90 degrees for easy cleaning and servicing

Comfortable riding position - The design of the rider gives the operator safety and traction through its low centre of gravity and also a comfortable ride

BioClip® - The mulching action of the mower gives your lawn a tidy finish through cutting the grass into a fine mulch

Adjustable pitch angle - For fine-tuning the cutting deck position to get the perfect cutting results and well-manicured lawn

Rear ejection - Equipped also with rear ejection cutting mode for areas with longer growth

Anti-scalping - The floating cutting deck with pivoting support wheels prevent damage to your lawn surface and leaves an even and tidy finish

Automatic blade engagement - Blades are automatically engaged when the cutting deck is lowered

Easy access fuel cap - No need to lift the engine hood to refuel

Transparent fuel tank - See-through fuel tank makes it quick and easy to check fuel level

Front headlights - Helps make your mower more visible and allows you to mow even in low light conditions

Safety features - Safety switch on seat to automatically stop the engine and blades if the driver leaves the seat while mowing

Cup Holder - Handy for holding refreshments while mowing

4 Large wheels - Comes standard with 4 large wheels providing greater traction and less risk damaging delicate surfaces.

Large fuel tank - Large capacity 12L fuel tank

12V socket - Makes it possible to run electronic equipment or charge your phone whilst mowing

Accessories - Equipped with attachment frame for front mounted attachments such as sweeper and flail mower

  • Engine 603cc
  • Cutting Width 41"(103cm)
  • Transmission Automatic Hydrostatic foot operated (forward and reverse)
  • Power Output 9.6kW
  • Tank Capacity 12L

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