Husqvarna 570BTS Backpack Blower

$1,449.00 $1,349.00 incl GST

The Husqvarna 570BTS is Husqvarna’s most powerful blower fully set up for commercial applications. Features include large air flow, high air speed and commercial grade air filter.

X-Torq® engine - Reduces exhaust emission levels and increases fuel efficiency

High blowing capacity - Effective fan design and X-Torq® engine provides a high air flow and air speed

Transparent tank - See-through fuel tank making it quick to determine fuel level

Commercial grade air filter - High capacity 2-stage air filtration ensures long operation even in dusty environments

Throttle lock / Cruise control - Engine can be easily set to run at a chosen speed improving handling

Intuitive controls - Controls are simple and easy to access

LowVib® - Effective dampeners between the engine and the chassis to reduce vibration from the engine

Adjustable tube length - Blowing tube length can be adjusted for best performance

Optimum comfort - Soft grip handle provides optimum comfort. The handle turned and used at different angles to best suit operator

Ergonomic harness - Comfortable to wear with wide, padded shoulder straps and hip belt. Ventilated to improve user friendliness.

  • Engine 65.6cc
  • Power Output 2.9kW
  • Weight 11.20kg
  • Max Air Speed 105.6 m/s
  • Air Volume 1320 m³/hr

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