Husqvarna 536LiBX Blower

$2,247.00 incl GST

Powerful and lightweight battery backpack blower. Through the weight of the battery being on your back, it allows for a very light weight unit which can be used for long periods at a time without experiencing fatigue.

Battery performance - The 36V Li-Ion battery pack provides equally high power, reliable operation and long lifetime as petrol driven machines. Push button on side allows the user to check the current state of charge.

In line outlet - Fan housing designed so the air stream is in line with the handle making the machine easy to manoeuvre

Adjustable tube length - Blower tube is adjustable to suit the application and height of the operator

Fast charge battery charger - In just over 2 hours, the battery is fully charged

Cruise control - Motor can be set on any RPM level to improve handling and control

Boost mode - A push of a button activates boost mode which maximises the blowing speed for a limited time

Advanced motor fan design - Provide the user with the best performance increasing efficiency

Light weight - Very light in weight when compared to petrol powered machines reducing operator fatigue

Battery power - Can operate in noise sensitive areas due to the low noise and disturbance

savE™ - Setting which allows the user maximum runtime

Intuitive keypad - Simple and easy to operate keypad, the design ensures the saw does not switch on accidentally

Advanced brushless motor - 25% more efficient than a standard brush motor providing the user with high and consistent torque

Nonstop operation - Backpack battery allows user to operate machine for long periods at a time

Runtime - Up to 1-hour runtime with savE mode activated

- Price includes BLi520X backpack battery and QC330 charger. Skin only $799.00 inc GST

- Weight excluding battery

  • Engine BLDC (brushless)
  • Weight 2.80kg
  • Max Air Speed 50m/s
  • Battery Voltage 36V
  • Battery Type Li-Ion

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