Husqvarna 125B Blower

$339.00 $299.00 incl GST

The 125B is an efficient blower with a high blowing speed and is easy to handle. Designed with the homeowner in mind this is the perfect tool for keeping your paths and driveways looking tidy.

Transparent tank - See-through fuel tank making it quick to determine fuel level

Throttle lock - Engine can be easily set to run at a chosen speed improving handling

Auto return stop switch - Stop switch resets automatically to the ON position

In line outlet - Fan housing is designed with the air stream in line with the handle making it easier to manoeuvre under power

Intuitive controls - Controls are simple and easy to access

Adjustable tube length - Blowing tube length can be adjusted for best performance

  • Engine 28.0cc
  • Power Output 0.8kW
  • Weight 4.26kg
  • Max Air Speed 76 m/s
  • Air Volume 721 m³/hr

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