McCulloch MP49 Post Hole Borer

$599.00 incl GST

The MP49 brings you a quality borer at a competitive price. Would suit many applications like fence post holes, drilling holes for trees and footings. Combined with a heavy duty clutch and anti-vibration mounts it is set-up for use.

Hard wearing clutch - Heavy duty clutch facilitates tough work for extended periods of time

Transparent tank - See-through fuel tank making it quick to determine fuel level

Maintenance friendly - Stand-alone starter makes it quick and easy to remove if needed

Comfortable use - Anti-Vibration engine mounts spares the users hands

Powerful engine - 2-Stroke engine giving the performance you need for the task at hand

Accessories - Comes with 200mm auger attachment

- Can be fitted with auger bits from 100mm – 300mm

  • Engine 49.4cc
  • Weight 15.50kg
  • Gear Ratio 35:1

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