NZ’s Top Online Source of Ziggy BBQ and Grill Products in Whangarei

Whether you’re new to the art of the weekend barbecue or you’re a veteran camper chef, Regent Lawnmowers in Whangarei has your grilling needs covered! We stock a range of Ziggy BBQ products online and in-store to suit all of NZ’s grillers, from the backyard and beyond.
Ziggy BBQs are built to last, featuring a rustproof hood and firebox, a dishwasher-safe vitreous enamel finish on the grill, and many portable, versatile accessories so you can add more variety to your cooking over the years. It’s never been easier to get into grilling!

Experience the freedom and power of Ziggy’s portable twin grills

If you know you’re going to have a lot of hungry mouths to feed at your next BBQ, hop online and order yourself a Ziggy twin grill! They can accommodate larger portions of food and deliver high-powered grilling across the twin-burner cooking system, so you can cook more, faster. Close the hood to achieve moist and succulent roasts, or leave it open so everyone can enjoy the mouth-watering smells of the feast you’re whipping up.
Love going on adventures? We have twin-burner Ziggy grills that are the perfect portable option to take into the beautiful NZ countryside on your next trip. These compact cooking units can handle everything from the classic sausage to vegetable skewers, and even roasting a whole chicken! You’ll always be able to relax and restore your energy with a hearty meal while taking in the gorgeous scenery after an exhilarating day of hiking or camping.
With a twin-sized Ziggy portable grill, you can start cooking the amount you want, where you want.

Ready to fire up your new Ziggy grill for a BBQ?

There’s nothing better than gathering your bros and brews for a BBQ in the NZ summertime, so shop our range of Ziggy grills online or in person at our Whangarei store! For more information or to place an order for any of our Ziggy BBQ and grill products, contact us online, or give Regent Lawnmowers a call on (09) 430 3139 to speak to a member of our friendly customer service team.